Hey Men! What's on Your 'New Me' List This Year?

Happy New Year, to all the men out there!  I know we are all about to hop on the “New Me” ride and looking for a new hairstyle just may be on your list this first quarter.  So, what is hot and on trend for you?  Well, we took some time and sniffed around a bit for you.  This is what we found… be you. There is nothing sexier to your potential partner than men who are themselves! 

The retro Pomp is holding strong as we move into the New Year. But, it is getting some new moves, the Pomp with tousled texture and length!  The Hard Part is moving away but you can still catch that movement and rock it for this first quarter. The fade is always part of the plan when keeping it “clean cut”.  One thing we noticed coming in is length, the sleek looks on top are now becoming longer, tousled and more natural versions. Now the “Mun” or “The Man Bun” is still staying in the game with a nicely groomed beard.

The beard…that is a whole topic in itself. As the we edge into Spring you will see everyone cleaning up and keeping it classy and groomed. But, until then you can see how long you can grow it, just remember to clean it up and comb it well. Try grabbing a beard brush and oil to help the health and beauty of that baby! 

Happy New Year and remember, BE YOU!