How Traveling Professionals Can Still Have Fabulous Hair! by Uno Salon and Barber

As we start a New Year it’s refreshing to have new ideas to incorporate into our daily lives. For a lot of us that daily is on the road. As traveling professional women we are always looking for tips to take our beauty regimen abroad and to keep it simple. We took a moment to compile what we found helpful.

First, a roll-up beauty bag is always nice to have! We pack ours with our favorite travel-size beauty items, roll it up, and when we arrive at our destination…BAM…unroll and hang up!

Second, a make-up palette!  Carrying one multi-use item makes life and beauty on the go much easier! Simple make-up is the look for traveling professional women. Remember to always carry a bit of make-up for touchups.  We prefer asking our stylist for salon products in travel-size for convenience without the sacrifice. Speaking of stylist, hair is super important to your professional look and for those of us on the go we need professional and easy! Consider a bun and sleek pony for less tools to pack.

When it comes to clothing always have interchangeable pieces to maximize your travel closet. Layers are key here! Remember to never dress too flashy or bright, this distracts from presentations. Keeping accessories and jewelry simple and not too flashy is again key and lighter on the suitcase.

So, to sum it all up, keep it simple when traveling and being professional, most times less it ALWAYS more. Be smart with your choices when packing, just as you are with all of life. Good luck this year and stay empowered ladies!